DIY Halloween Bleach T-shirt

DIY Halloween Bleach T-shirt

This Halloween tutorial shows you how to make a quick bleach t-shirt using basic supplies for a fun and quick Halloween-themed t-shirt.

What you need


Halloween Wood Cutouts 


Dark color t-shirt

PLastic gloves, googles for protection

Spray bottle



This craft was contributed by Sara L. thanks for sharing Sara, we love your DIY creation, and we cant wait to make some for every season.

This Halloween tutorial shows you how to create a quick Halloween design t-shirt using wood blankers and bleach.

For safety reasons, children should not create this craft.

Start by deciding on what design you would like, the bleach will lighten the color where it hits, so to create shapes or letters you need to cover those areas so they do not get bleach on them.

This t-shirt was made using the dollar tree bleach which appears to be less strong, but if you are using a thick bleach I suggest watering it down, you don’t want to ruin the fabric, only strip the color.

Use a spray bottle for a spritz effect, a toothbrush for a flicking effect and a sponge for a dabble effect.

Once you have your design in place, spray the bleach onto the shirt and allow the color to lift out,  Once you are happy with the design, wash in a normal machine (on its own) and allow it to dry.


  1. Just a suggestion to those who use bleach for this kind of craft, once you have finished it, and it has had time to dry, soak it is peroxide to neutralize the bleach. REASON: the bleach keeps working even after it has dried and will eventually eat away the material. I know this from personal experience, or I wouldn’t post this here…

  2. I think you will have to use 100% cotton.

  3. Was it a 100% cotton t shirt or a poly cotton blend?

  4. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’ve gone through 2 tee shirts and the bleach isn’t lifting the color out! It’s regular bleach, not color-safe. Using dark cotton tees. I’m doing this on my deck in sunlight. Could that be the issue?

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