DIY Faux Terracotta Planter

DIY Faux Terracotta Planter

This tutorial uses items from Dollar tree to create a stylish faux terracotta planter. Save money as well as creating a lightweight pot perfect for indoor use.

What you need

Planter pot (Dollar Tree)

2 Tumbling Tower Blocks  (Dollar Tree)

Baking soda

Craft Paint (colors Lite Mocha and White)

Wooden craft stick

Paint brush

Round foam brush

E6000 glue



Add a small amount of baking soda to a small container, then add some Lite Mocha paint. Stir to combine. You just want to slightly thicken up the paint.

Use the mixture to paint the entire outside, and half of the inside of the pot. Also paint the tumbling tower blocks.

Glue the blocks to the sides of the pot, about 1 inch down from the top.

Apply a second coat of the baking soda and paint mixture.

Pour a small amount white paint out onto a paper plate and spread it around so it’s just a thin layer. Dab the round foam brush into the paint, and lightly dab around a small area of the pot.

Take the paint brush, slightly damp with the paint mixture, and gently brush in a back and forth motion over the white dots.

Continue the two steps above until you’ve coated the entire outside of the pot.

Allow to dry.

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