DIY Fabric Coasters

DIY Fabric Coasters

Got scraps of fabric and don't know what to do? Well, go ahead make some fabulous Fabric Coasters!

What you need

Fabric Scraps
Thread & Needle
Pre Cut Circular Cardboard cut outs


Here’s the DIY way to go about making Fabric Coasters – all explained through pictures.

Here are the materials you need:






  1. Would also be great for a hanging art project too.

  2. Oh yes 🙂 that’s a great replacement… I didn’t have them, so went ahead with cardboard!

  3. I know this is really simple but wouldn’t it be better to use cork board instead of cordboard?

  4. Thank you 🙂 …These are completely flat sequins I used… but you can forego that and perhaps add some glitter glue or embroidery! …U can get as creative as you like:)

  5. chamanthi liyanage says

    This project is excellent. but for coasters do you think it is practical using sequins or beeds fixing?

  6. Sounds great!

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