DIY Easy Skeleton Bowl

DIY Easy Skeleton Bowl

This easy Halloween craft tutorial shows you how to make your own Skeleton Candy bowl, perfect for Halloween parties and decorating your porch.

What you need

18inch or Large Skeleton

Halloween Candy Bowl 

Hot Glue Gun


This project image was contributed by LE Peterson. Thank you for sharing your creation.

Skelton bowls can be very expensive so why not make your own Halloween Party decorations? Take two Dollar tree items, the skeleton, and the bowl, and glue them together to create a fun Candy bowl for your Porch or Halloween party.

Start by dissecting your Skeleton into parts, you need to take the legs off, scissors or pliers will break the connection. If your skeleton doesn’t have joints, you can use a hot knife to cut the plastic easily.

Heat the knife on a gas stove then use it to slice through the Halloween Skeleton.

Use strong glue to secure the Skeleton parts back onto the Halloween Bowl.

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