Mini Fairy Garden Magnets

Mini Fairy Garden Magnets

This tutorial shows you how to make adorable mini fairy gardens that are turned into magnets.

What you need

Mini Mushrooms
Faux moss
Recycled jar lids
Craft glue


This tutorial is so easy you barely need instructions. I purchased my faux moss and mushrooms from They are very inexpensive which means you can make 100’s of these.

Start by using your recycled jar lids to draw a pattern of the faux grass. Then cut out the circle and glue it inside the lid.


The final step in to decorate your mini Fairy Garden. You can add mushrooms, butterflies etc. A quick search on Ebay will give you lots of mini items.

Finish off your creation by adding a magnet to the back. Allow to dry before using.


What do you think of this project? Let us know!