DIY Dripping Blood Earrings

DIY Dripping Blood Earrings

These dripping blood earrings are perfect for Halloween. Follow the tutorial and find out how to make them.

What you need

1. Hotglue gun
2. Red nail polish
3. Pen
4. Plastic paper
5. Earring hooks and jump rings


Step-1: Take a piece of plastic board and a draw a pattern as shown in the picture above. Prepare your hotglue gun and trace the top circle pattern using the hotglue.

Step-2: Go towards the lower part of the pattern. All parts of the patterns should be linked as one. You can add more drips if you want to. Complete the patterns.

Step-3: After the glue dries carefully peel the pattern off from the plastic board.

Step-4: Use red nail polish to paint the patterns and give them a dripping blood effect.

Customize the pattern as you want, you may add red glitters to give them a fancy look.


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