DIY Cluster Gemstone Crystal Bangle

DIY Cluster Gemstone Crystal Bangle

This crystal craft tutorial shows you how to transform a Gemstone crystal cluster or crystal chunk into a bracelet. Find a crystal that appeals to you and make your very own handmade crystal jewelry.

What you need

Raw crystals cluster for a chunky natural look we used a Druzy crystal pendant and cut off the loop

Cabochon Bezel Tray Blank Bangle

Hot glue or E600 glue


Crystals are very popular right now and using them in crafts is a great way to expand your creativity and create custom unique Crystal designs for yourself. Crystal Gemstone are all about intent and intuition, so it makes sense to create a piece of handmade crystal jewelry using your own styling and imagination.  Choose a crystal cluster that appeals to you and follow these easy steps to create your own bangle.

Here are some ideas for different types of crystals to use based on their meaning for this tutorial we used a  Druzy crystal pendant with gold edging and snipped of the loop.


Rose Quartz – For love and heart health

Sodalite –For inner peace, wisdom, and calming a quick temper

Amethyst – For spiritual awakening, promotes healthy sleep and raises the personal vibration

Clear Quartz—For clarity, healing of all kinds, promotes positive energy.

For this tutorial you will need the bangle tray, they are very affordable and often sold in bulk, so maybe consider making some crystal bracelets for your friends as Christmas gifts too.

Wash and dry your bangle before working with it to make sure there is no dirt or residue on the bangle as this will prevent your crystal from sticking.

Simply add a layer of glue to the base and attach the crystal. Press firmly or secure with some tape to hold it tight whilst it dries.

You can also make these handmade crystal intuition bracelets or bangles with crystal chips  too.




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    Great job!

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