Christmas Sock Gnomes

Christmas Sock Gnomes

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a gnome using socks. For this idea you will need a pair of socks. Some of the gnomes below have different socks for their beanies so you may wish to mix and match your pairs across multiple gnomes.

What you need

1 pair of socks
Rice or plastic pellets
Toy filling
Fur fabric or mop strands
Sewing supplies
Craft glue


Here are some finished ideas to give you an idea of what it would look like.

A big thank you to Linda from our Christmas Crafts & DIY facebook group for sharing her wonderful creations. I love ALL of her variations! Thanks again Linda.

Begin by taking one sock and cutting above the ankle off. This will create the round bottom for your gnome. Fill the sock base with Toy Filling or Wadding or for a more stable Gnome add rice, pebbles, sand or plastic toy pellets. Secure the sock with an elastic band or hand stitche closed. The next step is to create the nose.

I have seen variations where the nose has been created using a pom pom or a bead. These noses have been created by taking a circle of fabric (sock, stocking) and hand stitching a running stitch around the outside. Then fill with stuffing and draw up the stitching to create a small ball. Secure and set aside.

Next step is to place your beard, obviously, not all gnomes are the same. Some have long beards, short beards, fluffy beards, fur beards and mop beards. No matter what you choose, your gnome will need a beard long enough to cover his tummy and high enough to cover the stitching of the base sock.

Next step is to place the beanie on. Once again this can be your own selection: it could be a long beanie such as a knee high sock or small floppy one. If you want a long beanie that stands tall add some toy stuffing to fill it.

Glue everything into place including the nose and your gnome is finished.

Consider adding some fragrant scents such as thisChristmas Wreath Scent to make him a scented gnome.

The popularity of Scandinavian Christmas decorations and gnomes at Christmas time is undeniable. In fact, these decorations have become a staple in many homes around the world. It’s easy to see why – these decorations are full of vibrant colors, whimsical shapes, and cheerful themes. This makes them perfect for the festive season.

When it comes to Christmas decorations, Scandinavian gnomes are among the most popular. Their pleasant faces, bright clothing, and festive hats make them an ideal choice for livening up your home. These decorations are often made of wood, felt, or ceramic, and they come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The popularity of Scandinavian Christmas decorations and gnomes is no surprise, considering the history of the region. For centuries, Scandinavians have celebrated the winter solstice with a festival of lights. During this time, they would light candles and decorate their homes with various symbols, including gnomes.

The popularity of Scandinavian Christmas decorations and gnomes has grown over the years, with more people incorporating them into their holiday decorations. Whether they’re used as a tree topper or as part of a mantelpiece display, these decorations are sure to bring a festive atmosphere to any home. They’re also perfect for gifting, with many people now purchasing them for friends and family.

It’s no wonder that Scandinavian Christmas decorations and gnomes are so popular. They’re a reminder of the history and culture of the region, as well as a great way to add a little bit of festive cheer to any home.


  1. These are so cute hard part is trying to find what kind sock’s you want lol Thank’s so much

  2. This is fabulous! Quick, easy and inexpensive to make. A great project to do with grandkids! Thank you!

  3. Lee Koopman says

    I love this project! Would love to make it with my grandkids! Every year we have a “girls day” and make something they can give as a gift to their mothers. This is too cute!

  4. susan lindsley says

    love it xx

  5. made a plenty of these and all are different. fun project

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