Divided Spice Pot

Divided Spice Pot

These pots make wonderful gifts all year round. We used Cardamom, Cinnamon, Anise star and Cloves for a wonderful color mix.

What you need

Terracotta pot
Four different spices
Thick card board
19 inch (50 Cm’s) of decorative rope or twine
cling wrap
Rubber band


Cut the cardboard to fit inside the pot. If you can , make the cardboard interlock, if not cut three pieces one to go across the pot and two for either side.

Fill the spaces with the spices right up to the rim. If you do not have enough spices to fill the pot then put some tissue in to fill the bottom.

For presentation tie some raffia or twine around the rim of the pot.

If you are giving it to someone as a gift use a little cling wrap to secure the herbs in place.

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