Denim Jeans Windsock

Denim Jeans Windsock

Make a windsock from an old pair of jeans!

What you need

1 Leg from a pair of old jeans
Hot glue
Wire Coat Hanger
Fabric/Craft Glue


Start by cutting the jeans off just above the knee.

Loosely hem the top using hot glue or even the craft glue. Leave just a small section unhemmed, about 1 inch so we can thread the wire hanger through.

Straighten the hanger and loop it through the hem to hold leg open. Use fabric glue or needle and thread to attach ribbons and buttons to the wind sock for a decorative finish.

Cut the bottom of the leg into thin strips about 20 cm high to form a tail for the windsock.

Cut three small holes at the top and knot three pieces of cord around the hanger. Use cords to hang the windsock.


  1. would like to see photo of completed project!

  2. Isn’t jean material too heavy to make a good windsock? I thought it was an ultralight nylon material that made good windsocks, in which case, an old pair of nylon “wind pants” would work much better.

  3. I just wore out my favourite pair of jeans. I was soooo upset until I saw the pattern for the purse and the windsocks!!! Thanks!

  4. good idea, now i know what to make from the rest of the jeans…

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