Cutesy Up a Kitchen Towel

Cutesy Up a Kitchen Towel

Learn how to cutesy up your plain white muslin kitchen towels. This free tutorial is a great pattern for beginners!

What you need

kitchen towel
Fabric strip


1) Buy a package of towels. These are the big muslin type that you can get in a 5 pack at Walmart or Target. I really like them. They are larger- and square. They are great at absorbtion of spills, and somehow they really last a long time! You could totally use the other kind of tea towel with the same result. I just used this kind.

2) Iron them as best as you can. Presentation for sales is not for these packagers I’ll tell you. They are all pretty on the outside, but inside they are a crumpled mess. You will be stitching to the hem , so make sure this area is a little less wrinkled.

3) Pick out your fabric. Choose 1 fabric that is the same measurement as the length of the towel + 1/2″ {for the hem} Cut this into a strip of 3 inches wide + length you need.

4) Pick out your ric-rac. Just find something cute. This is the little bit fatter ric-rac….kind of the medium width. Not too fat, not too skinny. Just right.

5) Sew it!!! The next steps will show you all about the sewing:

* Gather all your supplies:

Cutesy Towel Supplies

* Lay out your towel and mark with a pencil 6 inches from the bottom edge.

Cutesy Towel Mark

* Take your strip of fabric and fold under the edges 1/4 inch and iron

Cutesy Towel Fold Edges

* Lay the strip on the towel and line one edge to the drawn line. Pin in place.

Cutesy Towel Pin in Place

* Lay the ric-rac on top of one edge. Tuck under the end.

Towel Lay Ric-Rac

* Sew all the way around the outside edge. Fold under those sides and tuck in that ric-rac. When you are sewing the ric-rac down make sure the edge of the fabric strip is getting stitched down too! It should be almost peaking out from under the ric-rac.

Towel Sew All Around

* Cutesy Kitchen Towel finished:

Cutesy Towel Finished


  1. So Cute!!!

  2. I love the “fat bums” on the tea towel – fab way to have fun in the kitchen.

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