Cupid Photo Cube

Cupid Photo Cube

This project shows you how to make a small paper weight photo cube for your desktop.

What you need

Small Cardboard box
Plaster of Paris
Small ornament for topper
white craft glue or modge podge
Clear varnish


Following the instructions of your Plaster of Paris fill a small cardboard box and allow it to set. This will create the plaster cube we will use as the base.

Paint your topper a suitable color; in this case the cupid has been painted gold. Paint the top and bottom of the cube in the same or contrasting color.

Once your base is dried seal the plaster with white craft glue. Cut your photos down to size and glue them onto each side of the square.

Once the glue is dried seal the cube with craft varnish.

All done!


  1. Thats interesting, but I’m not a big fan.

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