Crochet Stretch Bracelet

Crochet Stretch Bracelet

This tutorial shows you how to crochet a stretch bracelet.

What you need

1 – Package, Gold metallic elastic yarn  or cord* *May substitute Luster sheen
1 – Gold bead, size desired.
1 – Velcro square, color to harmonize with yarn.
Small amount of black Luster sheen for embroidery



Note: Always chain 1 and turn at end of row unless, otherwise stated.

Row 1) With metallic elastic cord; Ch 5, Sc in 2nd Ch from hook, Sc in remaining chains across, Ch 1, Turn.

Row 2) Sc evenly across, in last stitch change to black yarn, Ch 1, Turn.

Rows 3 and 4) Sc evenly across. Rows 5 thru 7) With elastic cord,
Sc evenly across.

Rows 8 and 9) With black yarn, Sc evenly across.

Rows 10 – 24) With elastic cord, Sc evenly across.

Rows 25 and 26) With black yarn, Sc evenly across.

Rows 27 and 28) With elastic cord, Sc evenly across.

Rows 29 and 30) With black, Sc across.

Rows 31 – 38) With elastic cord; Sc evenly across,
at end of Row 38 fasten off.

Finishing With elastic cord, Sc across each of long edges only.
Sew or use fabric glue to attach Velcro square as follows:
Sew one piece of Velcro to right Front end of bracelet.
Repeat for left Back of bracelet. With black yarn or floss (your choice), embroider a Lazy Daisy Stitch to center of bracelet.
With fabric glue or sewing thread, attach bead to center of the Lazy Daisy.


  1. this is really cute!!! Can’t wait to try it, but think I would make one small change, not a big fan of velco so I think I would try crocheting a couple of simple chain loops on one end and a couple of color matching buttons or large beads.

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