Crochet Marble Necklace

Crochet Marble Necklace

This free crochet projects shows you how to make your own unique jewelry using marbles.

What you need

A round marble, a nice interesting colour.
Some cotton thread – obviously a nice color to go with the marble. I’m not sure of the thickness but not too thin.
2.00 mm hook.
(Optional) 2 or 3 beads with holes large enough to put cotton thread through.


You’re going to make a little cage for the marble with the thread. When you make the initial slipknot, leave a bit of a tail.

Ch 7 [treble into 1st ch, ch2] x 4 (or 5 depending on the size of the marble). Join with ss into 5th ch of original ch 7.

Ch 4, treble into each previous treble, join with ss into 4th ch.

At this point you might want to do another ss across the top so that your loop is at the top center.

Ch as many as you need to go round your (or a child’s) neck and fit over your head, then ss to join into the top of the cage.

FO and sew the end in and out of the top stitches a couple of times before cutting.

You can either do the same thing to the initial tail at the bottom, or you can pass it through the hole at the bottom, thread 2 or 3 beads on and tie a knot to keep them on.

All done!



  1. snow fleas says

    This pattern could be used for wearing your favourite beach pebble, sea shell or even sea glass. This would be a great way to display/wear a special souvenir.

  2. Is there anyway I can buy one?

  3. This was an awesome paattern, It was easy to do, and fun too! thank you so much for sharing!

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