Crochet Floral Neck Piece

Crochet Floral Neck Piece

Create this colorful crochet necklace that is a statement piece in itself. Find out how easy to make this is.

What you need

For this project you’ll need:
1. Crochet Hook
2. Crochet Thread
3. Scissors


crochet headgarland (1)


Start with a slip knot and 15 chain stitches.

Skip one chain from the hook and do a single crochet into the 2nd loop from the hook.

Now do a half double crochet into the next chain (3rd loop from the hook)

crochet neckpiece (2)

In this step do 2 double crochet into the next 2 chains (1 double crochet into each chains)

Now do another half double crochet into the next and then a single crochet into the next.

Do a slip stitch and repeat the same steps for the other side to complete the leaf.

crochet neckpiece (3)

Notice the holes along the middle line of the crochet leaf? You will need to do chain stitch over and under the leaf pattern through these holes to create the petiole of the leaf.

The crochet stitch will return to the stem again.

Chain 8-10 stitches, this will be the gap between the leaves. You will need 8 chain stitches for the leaves. Repeat these steps until it reaches the required length but before that check out the next step.

crochet neckpiece (4)

After reaching half of length create a loop, this should be big enough to insert a large crochet flower through it.

You may also leave a plain chain stitch (with no leaves) for the part which will remain at the backside of the neck.

And then complete the neck piece with more stems and leaves.crochet neckpiece (5)

This is how the leaf garland turned out.

crochet neckpiece (6)

Use bright colors for the flowers. You can use simple crochet flower patterns for the flowers.

crochet neckpiece (7)

Glue the flowers on the leaf garland, but you will need to measure and sort out the place of the flowers. The large flower will go through the loop as the closure part. You can place the small flower below the large one.

Wear it and enjoy!


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