Create Gorgeous Floral Dreamcatcher

Create Gorgeous Floral Dreamcatcher

This floral dreamcatcher turns out so gorgeous and the best thing about this craft is that you can come up with tons of variation!

What you need

1. Yarn – White Color
2. Craft paper or Cardstock paper – 3 to 4 different Colors
3. Scissors
4. Craft Wire – 16 Gauge
5. Hotglue Gun


Step-1: Determine the size for the dreamcatcher and create the loop accordingly. Create a smaller loop, about half the size of the main loop. Attach both loops together as shown in the picture of this step.


Step-2: Cut out 2 slightly curvy pieces from a craft foam piece, see picture of this step. Attach the curvy foam pieces on both the loops. You can place these pieces wherever you wish to; these are the bases for attaching the flowers.

Step-3: Use craft papers or cardstock papers to create flowers. The color combination of the flowers should be sound and nice, also make flowers with pattern variation, I made flowers of 3 different patterns. Also cut out some leaf patterns from green, peach and golden craft and cardstock papers.


Step-4: Attach the paper flowers on the foam pieces one by one and finally attach the leaves in between the flowers.


Step-5: Cut out a bunch of strands from white yarn and make 8-10 groups of yarns strands, each group should have at least 4 strands. Simply attach these yarns strands at the bottom intact side of the larger loop. You can braid a few of the strands, thread beads into them and trim the open (bottom) edges as you wish.

You can come up with so many variations for this dreamcatcher by choosing different colored yarn, different colored and patterned flowers and leaves, size and number of loops, placement of the flowers and much more!

Enjoy making one!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!