What’s your Easter Egg Emoji Face?

What’s your Easter Egg Emoji Face?

Looking for something fun for this Easter? Emoji faces are quite popular these days and these emoji eggs can be a fun craft project to try out with kids. You might already have all the required supplies. Gather'em all and get started!

What you need

To make these emoji eggs you’ll need:

1. Eggs
2. Fabric paint
3. Paint brush
4. Black and red marker pen
5. Craft paper
6. Craft glue


string egg (1)

Step-1: For these emoji eggs it’s better to use relatively small eggs. You can use store bought plastic Easter eggs as well. In case your using real egg make sure to drain the egg before you start creating the emoji egg. Make a small hole on the egg with anything sharp, drain the egg entirely and wash  the inside of the egg carefully.  After the egg dries take a small piece of paper, glue the area around the hole on the egg and stick the small paper on it to cover the hole.

emoji eggs (1)

Step-2: I’m using  fabric paint for coloring the eggs since fabric paint is thick and gives a glossy finish. At first apply a coat of white paint and allow it to dry entirely. After the white coat dries apply 2 thin coats of yellow paint but you should wait for the first yellow coat to dry before applying the second coat. If you’re using white egg then you can go ahead and apply 1 heavy coat of yellow paint without the first white coat. However you paint, make sure to paint evenly and allow the paint to dry entirely before doing the next step.

emoji eggs (2)

Step-3: You can use black paint and size ‘0’ or ‘1’ brush to draw the emoji faces on the yellow eggs or simply use a black marker pen to draw the faces. Draw the face outlines using black and the use red, blue and pink to add the other color details to the faces.

Have fun making some!


What do you think of this project? Let us know!