Crayon Soaps

Crayon Soaps

These crayon soaps are quick to make but more importantly they are great for the kids to use.

What you need

1 cup of Soap flakes
Food coloring
2 tbs Hot water


You will need a mold that will hold the crayons, if you can not get hold of actual crayon shape soap molds then use ice cube trays or plain rectangle molds.

Mix the soap flakes with the hot water stirring constantly. If your soap flakes are not breaking down place the pan on a little heat to melt it down further.

Pour the melted soap flakes into different bowls. One bowl for each color crayon you intend to make.

Color each separately and add the color drop by drop till it is very strong and rich in color.

Press the mix into your molds and put the crayons in a warm place to dry.

When dry remove from molds and allow to dry a little more this process make take several days to harden the soaps.

You can also add some fragrance to the soap just after adding the hot water.

Red for Strawberry
Green for apple fragrance
Orange for orange fragrance
Yellow for lemon fragrance

Happy Bathing!


  1. kristylovorn1408 says

    My 2 girls will love this!! I’m just wondering if the color will stain?

  2. is it safe to use the soap flakes that we usually use for washing our clothes?

  3. can I just grate the soap bar?

  4. I love these but how do you make the sop flakes clear?

  5. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. When you have finished and you only have a rectangle mould then you can sharpen the tip with a knife to make a point.(Adults might need to do this)

  7. Hey i’m a new babysitter and this idea is the best i’m sure going to use when i babysitt!!!

  8. If you don’t find a mold you can use a turkey baster. All you do is tape the small end shut and then poor the soap mixture in the other and your good. Also it is bigger and easier to hold.

  9. I’ve always wanted to know how to make crayons…Thanks.

  10. I still have to let my soap wait a few days but so far mine hes worked out gr8!! I used cookie cutters and taped them to wax paper as my soap mold since i did not have any

  11. Its good for if you
    have children!:)

  12. Great idea love it but I would like to know will the food coloring stan the childs skin, the bath tub, or wash clothes

  13. I love your site, so easy to navigate around.

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