Crayon Melting Artwork

Crayon Melting Artwork

This crayon project shows you how to make a fun piece of artwork. Great for the classroom or an art class.

What you need

Crayola Crayons or any other type of wax crayons, a canvas or poster board, a hairdryer, hot glue gun and newspaper


Plug your hot glue gun into the wall and let it heat up for about 1 to 2 minutes, make sure the area where you’ll be doing your crayon melting is properly covered with newspapers so that in case of any splatters you won’t have to clean the wax up.

Take your crayons and line them up on the canvas or poster board to see how many will fit. Once you’ve done that take your crayons and if you’d like sort them by darkest to lightest; first start off with purple, then go to blue, green, yellow, orange, red and pink or sort them randomly whatever your comfortable with!

Once you’re done sorting the crayons take your glue gun and glue each crayon individually to the canvas or poster board; its ok if they aren’t completely straight. When you’re done glue gunning all the crayons plug your hair dryer into the wall and make sure that its on a hot setting; when it’s hot it melts the wax from the crayons faster. Make sure when your blow drying over the crayons you go from top to bottom DO NOT go diagonally the wax will splat everywhere and it won’t look so nice when its finished.

Please be careful when handling the hair dryer near newspapers you don’t want a fire! When you’re done melting the crayons it should look like the picture above let it dry in one spot for about 2 to 3 hours once its done examine your masterpiece and even hang it up in your room like I did! This is a great project for kids its fun, colorful and easy and cheap to do! I suggest only kids age 10 and up should do this by themselves 9 and under should have a parent supervising and assisting them. I got the crayons from Staples or you can get them anywhere you like and I got the canvas from a local dollar store or any craft store would have one! Enjoy making this! 🙂


  1. Claire Hemmelgarn says

    This artwork looks really good now I want to try it!!!!!!!!

  2. Amazing idea! I’m totally going to do this! The other good thing is that it can be done around the house with stuff everyone probably already has. Good ideas!

  3. Too cute! I may try this soon, thanks 4 sharing! (Detroit Mom & Her Views)

  4. I made one of these following a tutorial on youtube and it was very effective despite being a bit messy. It is now hung up in my house looking very colourful.

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