Bumble Bee Springtime Wreath

This DIY tutorial shows you how to convert or hack a pizza tray into a fun springtime door wreath with basic supplies from the dollartree

Bumble Bee Springtime Wreath

What you need

pizza tray

Plastic Sunflowers

Yellow Spraypaint 

Metal Garden Stake Bee


This tutorial is made from dollartree, reject shop, pound saver items. Making it affordably cheap to make your own front door wreath for spring or summer. This wreath is also really pretty for garden party decor too.

Bring back spring! Here is a tutorial for next year perhaps –

Start by taking your pizza tray and spraypainting it yellow. I highly recommend Krylon as the coverage of their spray is amazing. Then using E6000 glue your bumblebee into position and add the sunflowers to the top. Glue a cord for hanging but allow to dry 24 hours before hanging it.  If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine then you can use a large store bought adhesive lettering to create the writing.

This finished photo was contributed by Pam D. Thanks for sharing Pam we love it!

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