Cotton Ball Container Bunny

Cotton Ball Container Bunny

Make this fun Easter kids craft project using recycled containers.

What you need

potato chip canister (or any other can you have)
Liquitex Basics Gesso OR white acrylic paint
bag of cotton balls
3 feet of white twisted paper (ears)
1 chenille stem, any color
4 large white pom poms (cheeks and hands)
1 small pink pom pom (nose)
2 medium wiggle eyes
2 lilac colored foam flower shapes (feet)
6 small white foam circles (toes)
1 large white foam circle
1 pink foam flower shape
1 green medium foam circle
2 rectangular foam shapes (teeth)
pink acrylic paint
6-8″ colorful ribbon
White craft glue


This Easter Project shows you how to make a Fluffy Easter Bunny Container using a recycled Pringles of Chip Tin.

 Completely wash and dry potato chip canister. Paint outside of canister with one coat or Gesso. This does not have to look nice, it’s just a thin coat of medium to help the glue stick better. Let dry completely.

Glue cotton balls onto canister, completely covering the surface. Start at the bottom, glueing cotton balls next to each other until your finish the row, ending at the one you started with. Repeat this pattern all the way up the can until the canister is completely covered in cotton balls.
Cut the twisted paper in half so that you have two equal lengths of 18″ each. Open the twisted paper and stretch it out to make a wide ribbon. Fold in half, end to end to create the an ear. Cut chenille stem in half. Holding the ends of the ear together, start about 1 inch above the bottom of the end and secure them together by twisting the chenille stem around them. Repeat this for the other ear as well. Glue the ears to the inside of the top of the canister.
About 1/3 of the way down the can, glue 2 white pom poms on for the cheeks. Glue the pink pom pom just above and in between the two white ones. Glue wiggle eyes on above the nose.
Using the lilac colored flower foam shapes, cut all but three of the petals off. Glue small white foam circles onto each remaining petal for the toes. Repeat for other flower. Next, cut two small ovals from the large white foam circle. Glue onto lilac flower below the toes for the footpads. Glue the feet at the bottom of the canister as pictured.
Glue the small green foam circle into the center of the pink foam flower. Glue the remaining two white pom poms onto the bottom of the flower. Glue this whole thing onto the front of the rabbit above the feet. Flower should be sticking out above the hands.
Lay the bunny on its “back” and glue the teeth in place, underneath the cheeks. Tie a colorful ribbon into a bow and glue at the base of one ear.
Paint the center of the twisted paper with pink acrylic paint for the center of the ears.
Leave bunny in the lying down position, check for items that may have slid around. Put any wandering pieces back where they belong and let dry completely.

What do you think of this project? Let us know!