Comfort Smarties

Comfort Smarties

A jar of candies with a poem. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day!

What you need

Smarties or other small candy
Jar with lid


Decorate the jar to your hearts content. Put the candy inside the jar and write this poem

When the world gets to much
With the noises, people and such
Know that in my heart, I’m thinking of you
So when you need to renew
Take comfort in my sweet present
It will make your day pleasant
or a different poem of you choice

Image submitted by Christy


  1. Fantastic Idea! Great as a small gift

  2. it’s the thought that counts

  3. I love it, fantastic, because its so true, especially for girls when you are stressed chocolate is thing to turn to…….and it would be relatively cheap

  4. Fantastic idea! 🙂

  5. I love smarties!!!

    but the poem is a bit boring…

  6. I think this a good homemade gift item.

  7. very cute:)
    wish there were more hints/tips to decorating the jar tho.
    but still fab!

  8. i thought this stunk

  9. I love it!!!

  10. Good for kids to do for Mothers Day or as a quick craft for a Fete!

  11. LAME…i mean its candy in a jar…how lame. Really come on

  12. love it! very good idea!!

  13. I love this! It would be perfect for my bff! Now to find something for my boyfriend!

  14. sweetshelley says

    the poem’s really sweet. it’s such a great idea, kamzz!

  15. That’s a cute idea! I should make some for Christmas!

  16. This was sooo helpful.Ive been trying to figure out what to make my step mum and this is perfect, she loves chocol8 nd the poem is soo perfect to.Thank u lots and lots

  17. great idea.for friends that go through so much heartache. i don,t mine being a comfort angel friend. cris gonzalez

  18. That is a good one! I like that a WHOLE lot! SMART PEOPLE!!!

  19. i love the poem

  20. yummy

  21. My 4 year old granddaughter and I made these for her preschool class and the kids loved them. We used chocolate kisses and packets of gummie bears and were given out for good behavor treats. This works well as rewards for good deeds also.

  22. Loved it! Great idea for chocoholics….like myself 🙂

  23. ohmygawd..this is so cute :]

  24. AWWWW! I think this idea is soooo cute!

  25. That’s so adorable. Chocolate is a girl’s best friend!

  26. Cute idea!

  27. Great idea!!!!the poem is really nice:)It would be even nicer if people stated why they give crafts 1 star insted of just mindlessly rating.That separates a true crafter from a confused and oblivious newbie

  28. Very Useful!

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