Color-In Party Bags

Color-In Party Bags

This project shows you how to turn simple bags and calico muslin fabric into a fun party activity to suit all ages.

What you need

Stateline Bags 12″x16″
Fabric Fun Pentel Pastel Dye Sticks


We used Stateline Bags to create mermaid take home bags during my daughters 5th Under the Sea Birthday party.

Some kids colored in sketches we transferred onto the plain bags whilst other kids free-handed their own designs with the Pentel Fabric Fun Dye Sticks.

The premium bags were soft to touch and easy for the kids to draw-up the cord to close them. They made the perfect take home bags for all their sweets and prizes.

mermaid-2  mermaid-calico-bag


We started by printing off the heat set instructions for parents to take home and slipped one into every bag. (We didn’t want to get an iron out with all the kids around).

Older kids enjoyed creating their own designs and the crayons were easy to write with so writing names and words was achievable for the older kids.

We also decorated some Mermaids that we had sewn and stuffed out of Calico or Muslin fabric. The Mermaids were a simple design and simply colored in. They were soft enough so that they could be ironed and heat set with firm pressure but we didn’t think anyone would actually wash their mermaids anyways.

color-in-party-bags  mermaid-1

The little boys had fish to make it gender neutral but everyone intermixed.

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