Coconut Cream Soap

Coconut Cream Soap

This luxurious soap will leave your skins nourished and refreshed with the aroma of coconuts.

What you need

225g or 9 ounces of Coconut Cream
4.5 g (2 tsp) of powdered benzoin (or other preservative)
340g/12 ounces of Grated Soap or soap flakes


This soap recipes uses the Melt & Pour Method of soap making.

Melt the liquid together with the Melt and Pour Soap base and the benzoin and pour into molds.

All done!



  2. This is one of the best soaps i’ve made.

  3. Coconut cream can be bought in any supermarket and as for the benzoin try a health food store or a soap making supply store. I didnt add a preservative to mine and it was fine.

  4. Where do you find coconut cream and powdered benzoin?

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