Knit Evening Purse

Knit Evening Purse

This knitted bag pattern uses the Cleo by Muench Yarns for creating a stylish evening purse.

What you need

2 skeins “Cleo” by Muench Yarns (or any metallic/slub type yarn
that is 4 sts per 1″ using US 8-9, approx.?125 yards needed)
2 skeins Zap (or any “fuzzy” yarn, approx. 100 yards needed)
(3 yards of ribbon – for handle if desired & tied in decorations)


With 1 strand of Cleo and US 8 needles:

CO 28 sts. In reverse st st, knit with Cleo until piece measure 2.25 inches.

Add two strands of Zap with the Cleo and knit until purse measures 12.25 inches.

Drop Zap and change back to Cleo.

Knit with Cleo for 2.25 inches. Place marker on each end of the row. Knit 1.25 inches more with Cleo.

On next purl row (RS) decrease one stitch on each end every row until 6 sts remain. (If you do not want a button loop, you may continue on until 2 sts remain and then bind off.)

For button loop:
On next row, k1, slip next two stitches to cable needle and hold in front of work.

Knit next two stitches, knit two stithces from cable needle, knit one. Purl 1 row.

On next row, k2, yarn over twice, ssk, k2.

Purl to first yarnover and rop first loop. Purl next yarnover and remaining sts.

On next row, sssk, k3tog -2 sts remaind. Bind off 2 sts together.


Align front edge of bag with markers on back of bag. Sew seams.

Attach button to front of bag or sew button to button loop as a weight. Attach handle if desired (beaded, woven, etc)

Many of our customers have used chains from old necklases for the purse handle, and wove ribbon between the chain. They have also used old earrings or broaches for the button/weight.

***NOTE: Cleo isn’t suitable for seaming. I used Zap for seaming the bottom of the bag and black worsted to seam the top.

This project was contributed by Sarah Marie Fuchs from


  1. Very pretty! I’ll try it.

    A question: do you make two pieces, front and back, each 28 sts, or you just fold one large piece? Thanks!

  2. Kerry, rop might be drop and the d is missing.
    Love this bag, off to Spotlight for some wool!!

  3. hmm looks hard

  4. looks lovely but I am just trying to figure out one of the abbreviations…ROP


  5. OMG its Shortiie says

    very cute purse!! i’d totally make it for myself or one of my friends for an outing!

  6. really good

  7. Very pretty and good instructions

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