Light Bulb Flowerpot

Light Bulb Flowerpot

Turn a used light bulb into a decorative flower pot with this simple idea.

What you need

light bulb
ice cream sticks
glitters and pebbles


Hollow the bulb by breaking its seal. Paint it as you wish. Fill with glitter and pebbles.

Make a stand for the bulb by gluing the ice cream sticks in any order(there should be space to fit the bulb).

Place the bulb on the stand.

Your pot is ready, decorate it as you wish.


  1. good idea but sorry to say not teach step by step not unserstand your tutorial

  2. Only Fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them. Incandenscent lights are harmless.

  3. Can you use anything besides ice cream sticks?

  4. I made 6 of these today, but instead of the popsicle sticks I used clear, flat marbles (4 per bulb). It’s not as kindergarten-like.:) I also didn’t paint or add any of the pebbles, but put water with food coloring in it. I now have all 6 of them in rainbow formation in my room.:)

  5. anumonty says

    Those are made with the gift wrapping sheets. used them in the same way as to use ribbon to get a rose flower… hope you know that 😀

  6. says

    what’s the story with the flowers in the lightbulb? they look very interesting. i would like to know how they were made! any thoughts? = )

  7. Is it safe to open up a light bulb – poisonous gases and such?? Looks very nice, though

  8. nice =D next time i wont throw out those burnt out bulbs….

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