Cinnamon Grubby Candles

Cinnamon Grubby Candles

Add some cinnamon next time you are making candles. It gives off a lovely fragrance as well as a rustic look to your candles.

What you need

Paraffin candle wax
Candle dyes (optional)
Candle wick
Heavy Pot (to melt wax)
Suitable mold.


This project uses Basic Candle Making Instructions. Follow that for your normal candle making procedures.

Then prior to pouring, spoon in some ground cinnamon or add 10 drops of cinnamon essential oil

For grubby candles, roll the completed candle in a mix of whipped wax, extra cinnamon and spices.

Finally, just roll the candle in the whipped wax. It will set with a dirty rough appearance.


  1. nice touch to an old idea – rekindling romance candles

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