Cinderella’s Glass Shower Ring Pumpkin

Cinderella’s Glass Shower Ring Pumpkin

This tutorial shows you how to make a glass-look pumpkin using shower curtain rings from Dollar Tree. These pumpkins can be used to decorate for fall or for a Cinderella party.

What you need

Shower Curtain Rings

E6000 Glue 

Small glass bottle

Plastic milk carton or jug

Sharp Scissors or

Exacto knife


This photo was contributed by Sue. H, thanks for sharing a picture of your completed pumpkin Sue, it is such a great idea.

For this project, I suggest using a strong clear glue such as E6000 or a hot glue gun.

You will need a base or core for your glass look pumpkin, in this photo Sue used a small glass bottle, for the center of her pumpkin decoraiton, you could also use a plastic bottle or even a tealight holder and add a candle.

Start by taking your shower curtain rings and gluing them around the core/bottle. This forms the pumpkin.  For the pumpkin stalk, use a plastic bottle to create a leaf or stalk for your glass pumpkin. Glue into place.




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