Christmas Wreath Yarn Wrapped Initial

Christmas Wreath Yarn Wrapped Initial

This Christmas Wreath tutorial shows you how to make a wreath with the single letter of your surname. This is a great Family style Christmas wreath that is sure to impress your neighbors or postman.

What you need

wooden letter in appropriate letter
Colored Yarn – We went for a variegated green mix
Craft glue
1 meter or yard of 2 inch green ribbon



Start by wrapping your wooden letter with the yarn.

I didn’t glue mine so that I could change the color or style next year. But it did mean I had to be really careful not to let the yarn fall off as I worked. This takes a little bit of time so make sure you make it as neat as possible by not overlapping the yarn too much.

I finished off my first version just with the ribbon and this would be a great All-Year around style.


For a true Christmas finish I added the wreath. Finish it off with the ribbon.


All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!