A Square Wreath for Christmas

A Square Wreath for Christmas

Using dry twigs, and juniper leaves, make this Christmas themed wreath in no time at all. You will have fun creating this with your kids this holiday season!

What you need

Materials needed
1. Dry twigs
2. Cutting pliers
3. Hot glue gun
4. Rocky mountain juniper leaves
5. White foam board
6. Super glue
7. X-acto knife
8. Black marker pen


x-mas square wreath (1)

Cut out 4 pieces of dry twigs, all 4 pieces should be of the same size and length. Glue the 4 twigs to form a square frame.

x-mas square wreath (2)

Collect some fresh rocky mountain juniper leaves and glue them all around the twigs, on any one side. Use hot glue gun to glue the leaves on the frame.


The other side of the frame will be the front side. This is how the frame looks like after gluing the leaves on the other side.

x-mas square wreath (0)

Template: I used this template to make the house. Print and cut out the template. Place them on a white foam board, trace around the sides and then cut them out.

x-mas square wreath (3)

Glue all the cut out pieces accordingly to create the house. Draw windows and door on the house using black marker pen. Glue the house on the square twig wreath. You can add more details to the wreath if you wan to.

Have fun!


  1. Won’t the juniper dry and turn brown?

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