Christmas Word Art – Studded Steam Punk

Christmas Word Art – Studded Steam Punk

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to create a modern steam punk style studded word Art Decoration.

What you need

Silver Metallic Spray Paint
3-4 Inch high Wooden letters
Silver Craft Studs
Craft Glue



For this project we are going to take simple wooden cut out letters and turn them into something modern and fun. Start by spray painting your wood letters we went for X.M.A.S but obviously you could choose whatever you like. Use a good quality spray paint when wanting to achieve a metallic look.

Once the spray paint is dried, lay out your studs and decide where you would like them to go. You could add more if you wanted a more “fuller” look.

Once you have created your design, glue them into place and allow to dry. You could finish off with some dry brushing of black for a more “dirty” finish.



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