Christmas Tree – Funky Fabric

Christmas Tree – Funky Fabric

This tutorial shows you how to make a funky circle style Christmas tree ornament.

What you need

Small pieces of Christmas fabric
Fabric glue
Toy fill


First, download the funky Christmas tree pattern.

You need to cut out 16 circles, two out of 8 different fabrics.

Begin with the top cut 2 circles 11/2 inch (4 cm) in diameter.

Stitch both pieces together and then on one side make a small straight cut and turn inside out.

Fill with toy fill and stitch up the cut (which will not show as it will be on the underside).

Now cut the second circle out making this one (2 cm) larger.

Carry on in this way until you have 8 pieces finished.

Now stack them on top of each other gluing them as you go.

All done!

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