Knitted Oven Cloth

Knitted Oven Cloth

A vintage knitted oven cloth pattern.

What you need

4 oz (100 g) Knitting Cotton
1 Yard (1 mt) of white tape
1 inch (2.5 cm) wide



26 in. long and 7 in wide.


5 sts. and 6 rows to 1 inch.

To make

Cast on 36 sts.

1st row: k.
2nd row: p.
Rep. these 2 rows until work measures 38 in. Cast off.

To complete

Fold each short end over 6 in. with right (smooth) sides inside. Oversew side edges tog., making a pocket at each end. Turn right side out. Bind each side between pockets with tape, hemstitching the tape firmly in place, tucking in short ends of tape and hemstitching them too. Fold remaining tape in half to make a loop for hanging up, tuck in short ends and hemstitch fold of short ends to middle of one taped edge.


  1. Shelley Prytula says

    The size of needle to be used would be appreciated

  2. I realize you stated the gauge for this project. but I think you forgot to say what size needle was used to achieve the gauge.

    Lurene Utsinger

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