Christmas Snowman Mason Jars

Christmas Snowman Mason Jars

These Christmas snowman mason jars are made using upcycled mason jars and some basic craft supplies. They are great for decorating, filling with Christmas treats or using as candle holders.

What you need

Mason Jars

spray paint


fake snow paint

paint markers

Wood buttons and

Raffia Ribbon


Start by cleaning your mason jars and allowing them to dry.

These Mason jars have been painted in a soft blue for the base color. I like to use spray paint when painting my glassware as it creates a faster drying time and even coverage.

Using white acrylic paint create the snowman face and use paint markers to draw in the snowman features, use the image below as a guide for the face.

Glue on the snowflakes and add some fake snow paint for texture.

Finish off by adding some rustic raffia around the neck of the jar.

This Christmas project photo was contributed by Rhonda Garber, thanks for sharing Rhonda we love your project.

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