Christmas Crochet Tote

Christmas Crochet Tote

This is a great crochet pattern for celebrating Christmas. It is embellished with ornaments.

What you need

Small amounts of size 10 thread (colors of your choice, 5 colors were used here) plus black and gold/ecru-
2 Red Heart Super Saver Pounder – Soft White –
Small amount Red Heart Super Saver – Red- Small amount
Red Heart Super Saver – Green- Size 7



Finished bag without strap: 13″ wide x 11″ deep

Strap: 2.5″ wide x 35″ long

Outer pocket : outside – 5.75″ wide x 4.5″ deep ; inside – 4.5″ wide x 4″ deep

Ornaments can vary in size


3 hdc or 3 dc = 1″ ;
10 rows dc = 6.5″
2 rows dc = 2″ ;
5 rows hdc = 2.5″

Instructions to make Ornaments: (numbers in parenthesis represent my number of stitches and can be varied per persons individual tension)

Using size 7 steel hook and 1 of the 5 colors, ch 4, sl st to 1st st of ch, forming circle

Row 1: ch 3, dc around to fit circle snugly (15 st), join to top of ch 3, do not turn

Row 2: ch 3, dc in same st as ch 3, 2 dc in ea st around (30 st), join to top of ch 3

Row 3: repeat Row 2 (60 st), tie off

Ornament hanger:

With gold/ecru thread, attach to ornament with sc st, 5 sc st across, ch 1, turn

Row 2: 6 sc, ch 1, turn

Row 3: 6 sc, tie off Make 2 of each of 5 colors except black and gold/ecru

Black Cording:

With black size 10 thread & size 7 steel hook ch to desired length (approx 46″ of basic ch st). Set ornaments and cording aside for the time being.

Tote bag Instructions:

With size G (7) aluminum hook and holding 2 strands of RH Soft White tog throughout, ch 100, join with sl st to 1st st of ch, ch 2

Rows 1-5: hdc in ea st around (100 st), join to top of first ch 2 with sl st, ch 2 (at end of Row 5 ch 3 a the end of row)

Rows 6-15: dc in ea st around, join with sl st to top of ch 3 at beginning of row, ch 3 (100 st)

Rows 16-20: Repeat Rows 1-5, at end of Row 20 DO NOT TIE OFF (this is the bottom of the bag), turn bag inside out, still holding 2 strands tog of RH Soft White, with sl st crochet the 2 sides tog, tie off (this gives some, but not much, width to the bottom of the bag)

Strap Instructions:

Laying bag flat, count off 6 spaces on 1 side and evenly count off 6 spaces on the direct opposite side still holding 2 strands of RH Soft White tog at end of Row 20 with size G hook, ch 3, turn

Row 1: Ch 3 (counts as first dc), 5 dc across, ch 3, turn

Rows 2-49 (depending how long you want the strap you can either make it shorter or longer…. this bag was designed to either hang from the shoulder or crossed across the chest comfortably)

Repeat Row 1 (49 rows = 35″), attach to bag evenly across from where other side of strap is attached (approx 38 st between straps)

Outside Pocket (optional):

With 2 strands held tog of RH Soft White ch 15, turn

Rows 1-6: ch 3 (counts as first dc), 14 dc across, tie off (15 st ea row)


With size G hook and 1 strand ea of RH red & green (same as 2 strands held tog but in this case, 1 is red/1 is green) sl st around pocket, edging of strap and top of bag, tie off Attaching Cording &


Arrange black ch (cording) on bag for desired effect, hold in place by pins, arrange ornaments with pins onto cording with black thread & needle, sew black cording to bag (st every 1/8″) With gold/ecru thread attach ornament top, with matching thread, sew ea ornament onto bag (gold ornament-gold thread, red ornament-red thread, etc) Line outer pocket (if desired).

Attach outer pocket to bag. (Before lining outer pocket, if you wish to add any ornaments or embellishments, do so before lining outer pocket) (Be sure to line outer pocket BEFORE attaching pocket to bag and BEFORE lining bag).

Line bag (add inner pocket to lining prior to sewing liner into bag).

NOTE: the background of the photo above is the material I used to line this bag. Note the material has Christmas ornaments on it to keep the theme of the bag going inside the bag as well as outside.

This pattern was contributed by Cheryl Oxsalida.


  1. SoccerFreak2014 says

    i wish i knew how to crochet.

  2. beautiful!

  3. love this, am going to get one done asap

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