Christmas Coaster Hangup

Christmas Coaster Hangup

This free Christmas craft project shows you how to make a beyond the scrapbook style craft hangup for the holidays.

What you need

Coaster or Chipboard (square or round 4×4 works well)
Adhesive/Glue Dots
Paper Trimmer
Corner Rounder
Scrapbook Paper
Christmas Ribbon, Brads, Stamps, Chipboard Embellishments, Etc.


Chipboard hanging signs can be used as a wall decoration, picture frame, doorknob hanger or a door decoration. They make unique gifts and beautiful home decor. You can cut your own chipboard to the desired size or use 4×4 chipboard coasters.

Start your chipboard hanging sign project by trimming your scrapbook paper to a 4×4 square so that you can cover the coaster. Trim the paper with a paper trimmer and then round the corners. Use a strong adhesive to attach the papers to the coaster front and back.

Punch holes in the top or sides of the coasters so that you can attach them together. Cut pieces of ribbon to thread through the holes so that you can join the coasters. Decorative hinges or metal rings can also be used to attach the pieces. The coasters connect to form a horizontal or vertical sign.

Next, trim some cardstock paper to make a photo frame or journal box to personalize the sign. Decorate the other coasters with your desired embellishments. Use stamps, brads, paper flowers, chipboard embellishments, etc. to embellish the sign.

Then cut another piece of ribbon or decorative wire to make a hanger for the sign. When using wire curl the wire around a pencil to make it more eye appealing.

Now hang your sign on the front of a bedroom door, on a door knob or in the wall.

The chipboard hanging signs can be created using various themes including Christmas, Halloween, other holidays, baby, family or a individual focus like a name sign, etc. Different types of embellishments can be used to add character to your chipboard sign. Try using chipboard letters or design elements to add dimension to your creation. Another idea is to sew ribbon or hemp around the edges of the coaster to make a unique border. There are so many possibilities for you to be able to create a one-of-a-kind sign for any occasion.

These unique coaster creations also look wonderful when you sit them on shelves, mantles or tables instead of hanging them.


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