Christmas CD KeepSake

Christmas CD KeepSake

After just completing my very own movie file containing our Christmas photos set to music, I decided it would be great to pop them onto the tree so each year you can pop them off and take a look at the year before or vice-versa. So I designed a very quick hanging CD ornament for my tree.

What you need

Christmas Stickers
CD Case


I simply decorated the soft case with Christmas stickers and hot glued a ribbon onto the back of the case so I could hang it up.

Very easy but a great sentimental gift to give family each year.

CD Contents:

You could place copies of your digital snaps onto the CD.

You could make video files or even scan your scrapbooking layouts and save them onto the disk to give loved ones.

Or just to take out on Christmas day and reflect.


  1. Great idea! Amazing my brother LOVED it!

  2. Great idea – especially using a soft cover for the CD and putting the stickers on IT! I couldn’t figure out how to decorated the CD and still be able to play it!

  3. Cute! Needed this for a slideshow I put together of the christmas play for our play director!

  4. I think this would make a great gift to some of my cousins who live miles and miles away from my family, but are very close to our hearts. This way I can show them what all has happened within the years apart. 🙂

  5. what a great idea
    We have lots of photos on CD so they would make great gifts

  6. I have made slide shows to music as stocking stuffers and everyone just LOVES them! Cater them to the person whom you are giving!

  7. Very cute!=]

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