Christmas Brooch: Felt Reindeer

Christmas Brooch: Felt Reindeer

Use this Reindeer for a gift tag, bag decoration or string lots of them to make a garland. This felt reindeer is perfect for kids classroom activity.

What you need

Felt Scraps
red pom pom
Brooch pin
Marker Pen


Print the pattern below to a suitable size and cut your pieces out of felt.

Felt Reindeer Pattern.

Use the picture as a color guide.

Lay your lower body flat then glue the head into position with glue only on the underside of the chin.

Glue the arms into place with the small pieces of black on the tips. Check your picture for guidance.

Glue the shoes into place and the antlers on top and then the ear inserts.

Finish off by adding the face and gluing the full body piece onto the back. Stitch or glue the brooch piece into place.

All done!


  1. This is so pretty and cute. Ideal for gifting it to siblings.

  2. I love this Christmas craft! I would make it around Christmas time, and maybe give it to someone as a gift. I love making crafts!!!!

  3. I love this! I love making crafts, and this is one I would make around Christmas time! I think this is a great Christmas gift! I will print, and make this craft this Christmas!

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