Chocolate Filled Whisk

Chocolate Filled Whisk

A perfect gift for the chocolate lover. And a perfect gift to get your kids involved in making as well! Create a chocolate filled whisk and give it as a gift for almost any occasion!

What you need

1 Wire whisk
10-12 Small wrapped chocolates


Take your metal whisk and fill it with wrapped chocolates.Β The chocolates need to be small enough to slip into the whisk but not too small as to slip straight back out again. Hershey’s kisses, Fantales or Minties would be a good size.

Fill the whisk with the chocolates and then wrap the whisk in cellophane and tie a ribbon around the handle.

Attach a small gift card with the following words:

“Whisking you a Merry Christmas”

“Whisking you a Happy House-Warming”

“Whisking you a Happy Marriage”

“Whisking you a Happy Mother’s Day”

“Whisking you Thanks for Attending Our Wedding”

This would also be a great craft for school kids for Mothers Day gifts!!!


  1. I have made these for years for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, friends at church, etc. They are good to give anyone that likes chocolates! I just put a tag on them that says “Whisking you a Merry Christmas”. Everyone I have given them to has absolutely LOVED them! So fun to do!

  2. great idea! especially for friend who love cooking! πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds super cute AND easy! Would make a good, inexpensive gift for teachers.

  4. beebzihaveissues says

    Two words : Love It

  5. yum

  6. I actually make these for special Christmas gifts for teachers and neighbors. I decorate the handle with ribbon, a bow, and a holly leaf with berries. Fill them with Hershy kisses, then I attach a cording through the top handle and add a gift tag that reads…”We Whisk You a Merry Kissmas!” They are a great little gift. I made these we my son’s 4th grade class this year, and they loved them.

  7. I used this idea for my daughters preschool teachers Christmas gift it’s really cute!

  8. Really cute idea, but would suggest putting the candies in a net bag to keep them from falling out when kids carry them to give away.

  9. sydney133 says

    sorry i ddont like this one

  10. cute!!!!

  11. littlemoppet says

    This would be great for someone who loves cooking!

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