Chili Door Stop Wedge

Chili Door Stop Wedge

Paint a chili on to your door stop wedge to add some heat this winter!

What you need

Wooden Doorstop wedge
Acrylic paints in
Red , Green , Lime and white
Gold pen


Start by painting the whole wedge a white base color then allow it to dry.

Using a flat straight edged paint brush paint the squares around the edges of each side alternating with each color of green as shown in the picture.

Using a pencil freehand draw your chili onto one side.

Now paint in your chili using the red paint and after drying, paint in the green stork and leaf section at the top of the chili as shown above .

Once all the paint work has dried take your gold pen and go over all the outlines of paint. Outline the chili and the small squares at the side.

You may want to add some squirls on the plain white sides and bottom for more decoration.

*Don’t avoid crafts that require freehand work if you can’t paint, Use craft stencils to paint your design instead.


  1. ha cute!i will definatly gonna use it!

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