Soap & Washer Gift

Soap & Washer Gift

This project shows you how to make a little soap wrapped gift, perfect for fundraisers, group crafts and Mothers Days gifts.

What you need

2 face washers
1 block of soap
silk flowers and ribbon


Start by taking your first face washer and laying it down flat. Then take your second face washer which should be a different color and fold it up into a narrow rectangle as shown.

Soap and Washer Gift Step

It is folded into 4 with the edges tucked underneath so you can’t see them.

Then fold the bottom face washer into the top face washer so that it overlaps.

Then place your block of soap inside and pull it up and secure with an elastic band.

Add a ribbon and some silk flowers to finish off this gift.


  1. What a great idea, we were looking for a teachers present and this one seems perfect.

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