Chili Decorative Plate

Chili Decorative Plate

This project uses a plastic picnic plate for a quick and fun wall hanging for your kitchen.

What you need

Yellow plastic picnic plate
Acrylic paints
Spray varnish


Start by practicing the art of painting the Chilli’s or locate a chili image and print it out using a color printer. Drawing a chili is very simple.

Using a pencil outline your chili onto the center of your plate to use as a guideline then simply paint it in. Start with the red area and finishing up with the green leaf section at the top.

If you are using a computer printout or a cutout from a magazine simply glue the image onto the plate using a white wood glue. Insure all air bubbles are spread out.

When laying pictures, always start from the middle and work your way out as you press it onto the plate. This helps eliminate air bubbles forming under the print.

Then as in the picture above, paint freehand triangles around the edge of your plate. Size them according to the size of your plate edge.

Once all your paint is dry spray the project lightly with a few coats of spray varnish to give it a protective layer and a nice shine.

Remember this plate is just a decoration and trying to wash it would result in a disaster. Hang it on the wall instead.


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  2. Very cute.

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