Child’s Hat – Square Beanie

Child’s Hat – Square Beanie

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a babies square beanie.

What you need

Double worsted (8 ply) wool
Size 6 (4mm) Needles


Size 6-12 months.

Cast on 36 sts in green.

Knit into the back of each stitch.

Begin with rib, k2, p2 to the end.

Cont in rib until work measures 1.5 inch (4cm)

Change to color pink and cont in garter stitch for 12 rows.

Now change to dark pink for 12 rows.

Change to green, work 4 rwos

change to dark pink work 8 rows

change back to green and work 4 rows.

change back to dark pink and work 12 rows

change to light pink and work 12 rows

change to green and rib 1.5 inch (4cm). cast off.

Sew up both sides to create beanie.

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