Chandelier Earrings

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What you need

1 foot fine sterling chain w/open links
10 24g sterling silver headpins
9″ 24g sterling wire (half hard)
1 pair sterling ear wires
20 sterling spacers
22 4mm crystals
12 6mm crystals


Step 1 – Cut wire: 2 pieces 1 1/2″, 2 pieces 3″.

Step 2 – Cut chain: 8 pieces 1/2″, 4 pieces 3/4″, 2 pieces 1 1/4″

Step 3 – With one 3″ piece of wire create a wire wrap loop & attach to earwire.

Step 4 – Add one 6mm bead. Place the tip of the chin-nose plier against the bead and bend wire to a 90ْ angle.

Step 5 – Make loop bringing the wire tail back to a right angle.

Step 6 – Slip two 1/2″ pieces of chain into the loop.

Step 7 – Wrap wire until it meets the base of the bead. Trim wire & tuck end down.

Step 8 – Make a simple loop on the end of the 1 1/2″ piece of wire, link onto one of the pieces of chain dangling from the earwire.

Step 9 – String 4mm beads & chain on wire alternating in this pattern.

Step 10 -Trim wire to 1/4″. Make loop after the last bead and link to the other piece of chain attached to earwire, bend gently to shape.

Step 11 -String a 4mm bead, a spacer, a 6mm bead and another spacer onto each of the headpins.

Step 12 -Male a loop & attach to the ends of the chain.

Step 13 -Go out on the town & show off your amazing new earrings.

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What you need

2 15” lengths of antiqued bronze 26 gauge artist wire
8 faceted 8mm carnelian top-drilled briolettes
2 antiqued bronze lever back ear wires
Round nose pliers
Chain nose pliers



Step 1: String one carnelian bead onto the middle of one length of wire. Pinch the wire together about ½ inch above the bead as you twist the bead to for the first branch. Separate the two wire tails above the first bead.
Step 2: Add another bead to one end of the wire, and hold it in place ¼ to ½ inch from the top of your first branch. Bend the wire back on itself and pinch the intersection where the wires meet. Twist the new bead to form the second branch.
Step 3: Bring the two wires together and pinch about ½ inch above the intersection of your first two branches. Twist the existing branches.
Step 4: Add a third bead to the piece of wire opposite your second branch. Repeat Step 2 to form a third branch.
Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to form your final branch.  Pinch the two wires together ¼ inch above the final branch intersection and twist the branches.
Step 6: Grip the two wires at the top of the twisted section with your round nose pliers, and wrap the wire around the nose of the pliers to form a loop. Center the loop above the earring.
Step 7: Thread the small loop at the base of your first lever back ear wire onto the wire loop at the top of the earring. Hold the loop with your chain nose pliers as you wrap the remaining wire around the base of the loop several times. Trim any excess wire and squeeze the wire ends into the wrapped wire with your chain nose pliers to prevent poking.
Step 8: Repeat steps 1 to 8 to make your second earring.
Once completed, you can bend and kink the wire branches to give them a more natural look. These earrings can be make with any color of wire and any teardrop shaped beads.
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What you need

2 x Furnace Glass Beads
4 x 4mm Miracle Beads
1 foot 18g Sterling Wire (Cut in half)
1 x Pair Sterling Ear Wires


Bright colors and a simple design make this a perfect Summer project.

Tools Required
Round-nose Pliers
Chain-nose Pliers

Hammer and Steel Block

Step 1 – Use the round nose plier to make a loop at the end of the wire and continue into a spiral. I do both wires before moving on to the next step, as it is easier to match them at this stage.

Step 2 – Bend the wire up and back, then add a 4mm miracle bead, furnace glass bead and another miracle bead.

Step 3 – Bend wire back again and spiral the tail.

Step 4 – Use the hammer and steel block to hammer the spirals.

Step 5 – Add earwires, wear and enjoy!.

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  1. Great! Gives me something to do in the holidays! I love earrings but I don’t have my ears pierced so I just replace the hooks with magnets I bought. They are so sophisticated!!! I’ve literally just started beading, so maybe I’ll attempt these later, the look rather complicated! Definetly helps having the pictures there as well. LOVE IT!!!

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