Chamois Bag

Chamois Bag

Carry this DIY Chamois bag around and show off your creation!

What you need

One Chamois 50 x 40cm’s (20″x16″)
Leather Thonging


Cut your pattern out to begin with.

Back & Front flap piece – 25cm (10″) x 35 cm (14″).

Front piece- 25cm (10″) x 18 cm (7″)

Strap – should total 120cm (4ft)x 40 cm (1 1/2″) joining with stitches into a ring.

Fold the back flap in half and place all the piece on top of each other and curve out the bottom edges to give your bag a nicer shape. You can do this by tracing around a round plate to get a nice rounded corner.

At 13mm or 1/2 inch intervals punch holes all along the pieces around 6mm 1/4 inch from the edges.

To sew the bag together you will use the leather strapping and a “under over stitch” to sew the bag closed.

You could also use a “cross stitch” or “blanket stitch” finish if you wanted to.

Starting at one of the top edges of the front piece of the bag, join one long length of the strap strip to the front of the bag piece this will also be the gusset for the bag.

Sew along down one side , along the bottom and up the other side.

Matching the back to the front, join the other long edge of gusset strip to the back in the same way. This will create a pocket for your bag and it will start to take shape.

Leave the rest of the strip hanging to form the strap.

Finishing the front flap:

Thread the thonging though each side of the strap and along the rest of the back piece which will become the front flap as you fold it over. and continue to weave the thonging through any remaining holes.

Punch two holes in the front of the bag to add your tassels which are made from a few scraps tied through.

All done!

What do you think of this project? Let us know!