Chalk Wine Glasses

Chalk Wine Glasses

This Project shows you how to make Chalkboard Wine glasses so no one looses their glass. Simply chalk on your name or a design for a fun alternative to wine glass charms.

What you need

Wine glasses
Chalkboard Spray Paint
or Chalkboard Paint With a Glass medium added
Masking tape


Start by cleaning your glassware.

If you are using a spray paint then you will need to mask off the area you do not wish to coat. Do this with painters tape.

Spray your glasses and allow to dry, don’t be tempted to tip them upside down to dry as this will cause drips.

For an aryclic chalk board paint add a glass medium to create a washable (hand) paint.

Simply dip the stem into the paint and allow to dry on greaseproof paper, and move every 5 mins to preventing drips setting on the bas (do not dry upside down)

Want to make your own Chalk Board Paint?

We used a custom color of Emerald green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.


  1. Hello, what do you mean by “add glass medium”?

  2. Hello, what do you mean by “add glass medium”?

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