How To Make Chalk Board Paint

How To Make Chalk Board Paint

This project tells you how to make your own chalk board paint.

What you need

1 cup of paint
2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout


Mix 1 cup of paint to 2 tbs of grouting.

Mix well with a paint stirrer.

To remove any excess lumps consider sieving the paint.

All done!



  1. Ann Landry says

    Total gibberish. Is this for making erasable paint to use on a chalkboard? Is is permanent paint? Is it paint to create a chalkboard? What kind of paint is to be used? Tempera, watercolor, acrylic??? Unsanded grout? Is this safe for children? What is the contents of unsanded grout. Please rethink this project and re-post. Perhaps a photo would help to make it more clear. I am actually looking for a recipt for erasable chalk paint to be used on a blackboard.

  2. craft_girl says

    hmm… does this actually work ? doesnt seem like it would….

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