Cereal Box Bunting Stationery

Cereal Box Bunting Stationery

This craft tutorial shows you how to make unique and handmade stationary using recycled cereal boxes.

What you need

Empty paperboard cereal or snack boxes
Card stock or plain note cards
Glue stick or craft glue
Sewing machine


1. Take your cardboard boxes and find the most colorful parts of the packaging. Cut as many tiny triangles as you need for your design.

2. Grab some plain note cards or card stock.

3. If you want to put a name or some text on your stationery, lay it out in Word. I created a new document that was the same size as my blank note cards – 4 x 6 – and typed out her name.  When you’re happy with your layout, print those suckas out.

Stationary Stack Word Doc

4. Now figure out how you want your bunting to lay out on the cards, and tack it down lightly with a glue stick. I ran mine across one corner at an angle.

5. Now sew a quick running stitch on top of the triangles – bunting style.

Sewing Stationary Stack

6. Repeat on other cards – as many as you need. and you’re done. Sew cute! (Sorry. Had to be said.)

Makes an awesome personalized gift!


  1. You can also make full size bunting like this. 🙂

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