Cement Tree Ring Organizer

Cement Tree Ring Organizer

This tutorial shows you how to create a ring tree using cement and nature.

What you need

Plastic lunch baggie
cement or plaster
bucket for mixing
approx 500 grams of cement.
Small plastic bowl


Start by mixing your cement using the measurements and direction on the back of the bag. You will need a small plastic bowl to form the base of your ring holder. I created a small round one but you could use any plastic bowl, tray or mold.

Next I dipped my tree twig into the cement. I did this several times, allowing it to dry in between.

Once the base is dried remove the bowl. I used a sharp object to create an indentation in the middle and I glued the twig into place. I could have stuck the twig directly into the concrete but I wanted a smooth finish on my holder so I used the side that was exposed to the plastic bowl.

Finish off by allowing it to dry and set.



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