Wiggly Worm

Wiggly Worm

Have a worm day and have the kids wiggling with new activities.

What you need

Crayons or paints
Thick wool


Cut a circle out of the cardboard about 4 cm in diameter. Draw a face onto the cardboard or have the children do this. Take the thick wool and cut it into a 60 cm length and glue or sticky tape it to the back of the cardboard face.

This creates your wiggly stringy worm. Using some brown cardboard create some tubes and have the children thread their worms through the tubes pretending that their worm is traveling through tunnels in the earth.

This would be a good day to place a fish tank with some real worms in for the children to look at. You can get live worms from a fishing bait shop or garden center.


  1. looks like a balloon

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